SSP: Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer (UVCS)

Ultraviolet spectroscopy of the extended solar corona is a powerful tool for obtaining detailed empirical descriptions of coronal holes, streamers, and coronal mass ejections. Ultraviolet spectroscopy uniquely measures the velocity distributions and outflow velocities of protons and minor ions near the Sun, provides absolute chemical abundances, and can derive the velocity distributions and densities of electrons. Empirical models resulting from ultraviolet spectroscopy provide the constraints needed to test and to guide theoretical models of solar wind acceleration and the heating and acceleration of coronal mass ejections.


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John Kohl, Nigel Atkins, Brenda Bernard, Steven R. Cranmer, Peter S. Daigneau Ruth Esser, Silvano Fineschi, Larry D. Gardner, Joyce Janjigian, Yuan-Kuen Ko, Jin-Yi Lee, Jun Lin, Mari Paz Miralles, Alexander V. Panasyuk, John C. Raymond, Leonard Strachan, Raid M. Suleiman, Michael Uzzo, Adriaan van Ballegooijen, Chi-Rai Wu


UVCS observes an explosive event on the Sun.
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