SSP: Tools & Resources
The Astrophysical Plasma Emission Database contains data for calculating the continuum and emission line spectra of astronomical sources. The APED group compiles the data and maintains the codes needed for these calculations.
Kurucz image Kurucz Database/Models
Bob Kurucz maintains a large database of atomic and molecular linelists and opacities for stellar atmosphere calculations. The database includes grids of model atmospheres for the Sun and other stars.
Pandora Pandora
Pandora is a general-purpose non-LTE computer program for calculating stellar atmosphere models and detailed line and continuum spectra.
Outer Planets MPC
The MPC is responsible for the designation of minor planets, comets, and natural satellites in the solar system. The MPC is also responsible for the efficient collection, computation, checking, and dissemination of astrometric observations and orbits for minor planets and comets.

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