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SWEAP uses two instruments - the Solar Probe Cup (SPC) and the Solar Probe Analyzers (SPAN) - to gather the measurements of the coronal and solar wind plasma needed to meet PSP and SWEAP science objectives.

Locations of SPC and SPAN on the spacecraft.

Solar Probe Cup (SPC)


Photo Credit: Andrew Wang

SPC is a Faraday Cup (FC) that looks directly at the Sun and measures ion and electron fluxes and flow angles as a function of energy. A small strut places SPC at the edge of the spacecraft heat shield.

Solar Probe Analyzers (SPAN)



SPAN consists of an ion and eelectron electrostatic analyzer (ESA) on the ram side of PSP (SPAN-A) and an electron ESA on the anti-ram side (SPAN-B). SPAN-A and SPAN-BB are rotated 90 degrees relative to one another so their broad fields of view combine like the seams on a baseball to view the entire sky except for the region obscured by the heat shield.

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