TA: Communicating with the Outside World

Your Address at the CfA
Your Name
60 Garden Street, MS-51
(for order delivery, add your room number on this line as P-xxx)
Cambridge, MA 02138-1516

Send and Receive Mail
Our mail is handled by the SAO mailroom in Cambridge Discovery Park, 100 Acorn Park Drive. Whenever possible, please avoid using the CfA address for personal mail and deliveries. The mail sorter for the Theory Division is situated by the elevator in the glass cage. Slots are alpha ordered. The staff assistant sorts the mail twice a day, morning and afternoon, as soon as received.
If you have personal mail that you want to drop off yourself, there is one US Post Office mailbox (blue) located off the A building on upper campus. Mail is picked up weekdays by 1pm. You can also leave it in the Division outbox located by the mail sorter. You can use it for any business mail or stamped personal mail. Business mail must be identified using business envelopes and adding the MS-51 above the "sent from" and, for Harvard fellows, your assigned mail code written in the stamp location. Contact your administrator to obtain your mail code. Business envelopes are located on the shelves with other supplies in P-231.

Use for rush business purposes only. Ask the Staff Assistant for help obtaining and/or filling out the airway bill. The Fedex box is located near the US Post Office mailbox indicated above. FedEx picks up every weekday by 6pm.

Phone and Voice Mail
You are assigned a phone number upon arrival. A voice-mail box or system can be set up on your line if desired. To call long-distance or overseas, you will need an access code (Harvard Fellows). For any outside call, Dial 9+1+area code+number. For internal CfA or Harvard calls, only use the last 5 digits (e.g., if 617-495-7280, dial 5-7280). For other useful phone information, please consult the CfA phone book. For voice-mail, long-distance code, or any phone questions, please check with your administrator.

Our number is 617-495-7093. The fax machine is located in P-231. Dial 9+1+area code+number or 9+1+country code+city code+number. Incoming faxes are sorted and placed in the mail slots.

Wireless Network
CfA has a wireless network. To use it, you will need the latest version of Cisco VPN client (also available at this site is information on configuration and passwords). More help can be found at Wireless LAN.

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