TA: Claiming Reimbursements

Relocation Expenses Reimbursement - HCO
If you are eligible for relocation reimbursements give an itemized list and all your receipts to your administrator as soon as possible and no later than 60 days from date of arrival.

Relocation Expenses Reimbursement - SAO
See the Relocation section here.

Travel and Other Expenses - HCO
Any "advisor pre-approved" expenses must be submitted for reimbursement no later than 60 days from date of expense but preferably within 30 days. The 60-day time limit begins right after you purchase your plane ticket, regardless of when the trip starts or ends. Complete the Universal Expense Form (expense report), sign it, and give it to your administrator with all the original receipts. You may end up filing two expense reports if you purchase your ticket far in advance.

When you travel, always use an American carrier and, in case of an e-ticket, provide a receipt that shows the itinerary, trip number, cost, and proof of payment.

Also note!

If you are being reimbursed for hotel expenses, you may claim per diem for meals.

If you are NOT being reimbursed for hotel expenses because the visiting institution, etc. paid for the hotel, you MUST obtain a copy of the receipt in order to claim per diem for meals.

If you are NOT being reimbursed for hotel expenses AND have no proof of lodging (i.e. you stayed with family or friends) you MUST provide actual receipts or a meal journal. The meal journal needs to include date, restaurant name, and amount (estimated is fine) of each meal. Any single meal receipt that is over $75 must, as always, be submitted with your trip expenses.

You may claim either actual meal expenses or meal per diems for the same trip, following the above guidelines, but cannot mix claim types for the same trip. In other words, if you stayed one night with family and 5 nights in a hotel during the same trip, you could only claim actual expenses.

The complete Harvard Travel Policy can be found at http://vpf-web.harvard.edu/ofs/travel/pdf/policy.pdf and some of these policies were clarified by FAS in this slide show.

These policies are driven by IRS rules and the agreement Harvard has on file regarding their accountability plan for making reimbursements.

You can direct-bill to a Harvard code any airline or rail ticket purchased through World Travel (one of Harvard's preferred vendors). Please follow the procedure explained in this PDF document

If receipts are missing, please attach a signed Missing Receipt Affidavit to your reimbursement request.

HCO Federal Travel Guidelines
To comply with A-21 regulations, Harvard travelers who purchase airfare using federal funds must purchase airfare using one of Harvardís preferred travel agencies. These are:

  • Expedia Corporate Travel

    (to set-up an account in Expedia Corporate, send an email to travelmgr@camail.harvard.edu with your name, Harvard ID, and email address. An email will be sent back to you within 24 hours with the required account information.

  • World Travel Partners (BCD Travel)

  • Great International Travel

  • Oriental Tours and Travel

  • Travel Collaborative

    For more details on Federal travel guidelines, click here.

    Travel and Other Expenses - SAO
    New Travel Requests
    All travel(using SAO funding or Sponsored) or SAO staff, fellows, visiting scientists, interns, and no fee consultants must be must be approved before the travel departure date. A Travel Request form is available using this link Travel Request Form. Advanced notice of new travel requests should be at least 7-10 business days prior to the trip departure. Foreign travel that will be funded under a NASA or Hubble grant, must have a authorization request at the Sponsor's office at least 30 days in advance of the travel departure date (unless the trip was included within the proposal).

    Airline Ticket Purchases
    All government fare airline tickets must be purchased by the SAO Travel Office. The SAO travel office is authorized to issue government fares that are often lower than regular fare and are unrestricted. Travelers may purchase their own nonrefundable ticket to include personal destinations and the SAO Travel Office will reimburse up to the current roundtrip government fare for the cities of official business.

    Travel Reimbursements
    All travelers need to provide receipts for any travel expense costing $75 or more. Link for the SAO Travel Expense report: Travel Expense Report. Please include registration receipts, lodging, airline ticket receipts, taxi receipts. For airline ticket purchases, SAO will reimburse the equivalent government rate round-trip airfare for your business travel (contact SAO travel for this fare before any ticket is purchased) and save the receipt and quoted fare that is attached with the expense report upon returning from your trip.

    **Note: Airline carriers for all segments (business & personal) must be US based carriers or the equivalent code share partner... if any segments of travel are on foreign carriers without the code share partner, no reimbursement will be made.

    Sponsored Travel
    Travel expense reimbursement or direct support by any funding source outside of SAO (Including Harvard University)is considered Sponsored Travel. All travelers are required to submit an SAO Sponsored Travel Commitment Form to be completed/signed by the Sponsor. Your SAO administrator will email you the form after the travel request is submitted.

    If you have any questions about SAO reimbursement policy, please contact Ms. Scune Carrington at 617-496-7870 or at scarrington@cfa.harvard.edu.

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