TA: The CfA Wolbach Library

It is strongly recommended that you contact Wolbach Library (6-5769 or library@cfa) to arrange an introduction to library resources and services.

The Library offers increasing arrays of proprietary resources, which are copyright protected, have strict license agreements and are expensive. Before researchers use them they need to understand the restrictions on use. This is best done in person and the earlier in the Library's relationship with patrons the better. Also, using these resources is not your typical "Googling experience" in other words use is not necessarily intuitive and Library staff are finding that many people are embarrassed to have to ask how to access an online journal.

Therefore, please contact the Wolbach Library for an introduction, to obtain a PIN, to request night and weekend Library access, and for a quick tutorial on how to access the Library's growing array of online resources. The Website for the Library is at


SAO Visitors who will be on site for at least 30 days, new SAO staff, and SAO fellows are eligible for access to the Library's online resources but only after a Division Administrator completes a staff database form (SDF). Employment Status must be SAO related (e.g., Visiting Scientist/SAO) and Access Data must be provided in the SDF. Information from the staff database is uploaded nightly to Harvard's ID Office resulting in a Harvard ID number. This Harvard ID number can then be used to request a PIN which allows access to restricted online resources. The entire process should take approximately one business day.

HCO Long-Term Visitors, new HCO staff, and HCO fellows must wait to receive their IDs before they can obtain a PIN.

The web site to request a PIN for SAO and HCO is found here.

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