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Man Pages for Grid Engine Commands

Rocks 5.3 versions:

Command Format Comments
qsub, qalter html pdf ps submit a job, modify job resources
qstat html pdf ps get job(s) status
qdel html pdf ps delete a job from queue or kill a running job
sge_request (5) html pdf ps specify def. flags for qsub
sge_qstat (5) html pdf ps specify def. format for qstat
Also worth reading:
qconf html pdf ps the various -s options allow you to check the queue(s) configuration
queue_conf (5) html pdf ps explains queue configuration parameters
complex (5) html pdf ps display Grid Engine complex configuration
qmod html pdf ps queue and job modification


  • The commands qsh, qrsh, and, qlogin are not to be used on hydra and will be soon disabled.
  • The man pages are sometimes confusing, referring to GE_ (and ge_) instead of SGE_ (and sge_). Add the 's' if need be.

-- SylvainKorzennikHPCAnalyst - 27 Jan 2012

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