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Using the Intel Compilers (icc, ifort)

  • The following Intel compilers are available on hydra:
    • Fortran Compiler XE 12.0 Update 2
    • Debugger 12.0 Update 2
    • Math Kernel Library 10.3 Update 2
    • C++ Compiler XE 12.0 Update 2
    • Integrated Performance Primitives 7.0 Update 2
    • Threading Building Blocks 3.0 Update 5

  • The Intel compilers have been upgraded to include the Intel Cluster Studio (ICS),. The ICS includes
    • the compilers,
    • a debugger,
    • the MKL (Math Kernel Library),
    • MPI support, including IB (InfiniBand)
    • the Trace Analyzer (a profiler)

The license for the ICS is now served by hydra-2.si.edu (i.e., no longer by the CF).

  • The Intel compilers are in /share/apps/intel/composerxe-2011.2.137/bin/intel64/ (as of Jun 2012), as:
Fortran ifort
C icc
C++ icpc
To get help, append the -help option or use man command. For example: ifort –help or man ifort.

  • The best way to configure your environment is to add the following line in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.cshrc file:
bash/sh users tcsh/csh users
source  /share/apps/intel/bin/compilervars.sh intel64 source /share/apps/intel/bin/compilervars.csh intel64

  • Look at ~hpc/.bashrc or ~hpc/.cshrc, how to use ~hpc/.intel.sh or ~hpc/.intel.source to setup your configuration, respectfully.

  • Feel free to copy the ~hpc/.intel.sh or ~hpc/.intel.source file.

  • As of Jun 2012 there is full support for using MPI with the Intel compilers. (The ICS provides a pre-build MPI distribution).


  • Trivial examples ("hello word!") are, on hydra, in ~hpc/tests/compilers.
  • Copy the content of that directory and use make -f Makefile.intel to build the executables.
    • MKL: Math Kernel Library is available on hydra.
    • Linking w/ MKL can be tricky, check the Intel web site, and the ifort user guide.
    • Examples using/linking with LAPACK are in ~hpc/tests/lapack/intel
    • The difference between lp64 and ilp64 is explained here.

-- SylvainKorzennikHPCAnalyst - 25 Jan 2012

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