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Using the PGI compilers and OpenMP

  • OpenMP is an API to let the compiler parallelize your code, using directives, called pragmas, and a shared-memory model, by contrast to a message passing model.
  • Pragmas look like comments, but get parsed by the compiler when invoking it with the appropriate flag,
  • The resulting executable uses multi-threading, and must therefore run on a single compute node.
  • You must use the appropriate PE (parallel environment) to submit OpenMP jobs,

  • Look, on hydra, at ~hpc/tests/omp/pgi, for a simple example.

The Makefile, for a trivial 'hello world!" example, is

FFLAGS = -mp
FC = gfortran $(FFLAGS)
all: hello
%.o : %.f90
        $(FC) -c $<
hello: hello.o
        $(FC) -o $@ $?
hello.o: hello.f90

-- SylvainKorzennikHPCAnalyst - 28 Jun 2012

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