Future Additions to UVCS/SOHO Data Analysis Software

The list below represents ongoing work to the Data Analysis Software (DAS).

Provide telescope mirror and grating cross talk correction
Improve precision of pointing calibration below 1.74 R_sun. This will provide a value at 1.5 R_sun and provide consistency in displaying the height throughout the DAS
Provide estimate of second order radiometric calibration
Provide improved stray light characterization
Improve consistency of conversion from arcsec to solar radius from the spacecraft for the DAS and the extension code
Provide White Light Channel characterization and calibration
Provide filter transmission information (automatic radiometric calibration for disk observations)
Improve precision of pointing variation with roll (small effect)
Provide dark count files
Provide instrument spectral line profile function
Provide any time variations of UVCS characterization and calibration throughtout the mission

If you have suggestions to improve the DAS or to report any bugs, please use the form below.


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