Tutorials for UVCS/SOHO Data Analysis

UVCS/SOHO data is processed in three major steps:

  1. Spectral Data Files are read by the UVCS Display and Analysis Software (DAS) package, and can be calibrated in wavelength and intensity, in addition to being corrected for image distortion, detector flat-field, and dark counts.

    Click here for DAS Tutorial

  2. Processed Spectral Data Files are then corrected to separate instrumental from astronomical sources. In intensity, disk-scattered stray light and interplanetary emission are removed. In wavelength, instrumental broadening, point spread functions, and intrinsic quantization errors are removed.

    Click here for Profile Curve-fit Tutorial (Updated)

  3. Science Data Files are then analyzed by comparing with results of theoretical radiative-transfer codes. This ``empirical modeling'' provides densities, abundances, and velocity distribution parameters.

    Click here for Model Code Tutorial

Created by Raid Suleiman & Steven Cranmer
Last Modified on 10/17/13