The SOHO-7 Proceedings have been published in Space Science Reviews, volume 87, no. 1-2. The stand-alone hardcover volume has also been published in 1999 by Kluwer Academic Publishers (ISBN 0-7923-5828-7).

-- - -- Foreword
001 - 024 E. Marsch, Solar wind models from the Sun to 1 AU: Constraints by in situ and remote sensing measurements
025 - 041 W. Ian Axford, et al., Acceleration of the high speed solar wind in coronal holes
043 - 054 L. A. Fisk, et al., Coronal Hole Boundaries and their Interactions with Adjacent Regions
055 - 066 J. C. Raymond, Composition variations in the solar corona and solar wind
067 - 077 E. Leer and E. Marsch, Working Group 1 Report: Solar wind models from the Sun to 1 AU: Constraints by ``in situ'' and remote sensing measurements
079 - 092 A. W. Hood, Working Group 2 Report: Energy Input, Heating, and Solar Wind Acceleration in Coronal Holes
093 - 104 R. Esser, Working Group 3 Report: Coronal hole boundaries and interactions with adjacent regions
105 - 121 H. E. Mason and P. Bochsler, Working Group 4 Report: Composition and Elemental Abundance Variations in the Solar Atmosphere and Solar Wind
123 - 128 A. H. Gabriel, SOHO after 30 months: a personal view
129 - 132 J.-L. Bertaux, et al., SWAN observations of the Solar Wind Latitude Distribution and its Evolution Since Launch
133 - 136 R. Betta, et al., On the stability of siphon flows confined in coronal loops
137 - 140 L. F. Burlaga and A. Szabo, Fast and slow flows in the solar wind near the ecliptic at 1 AU?
141 - 144 F. Chiuderi-Drago, et al., EUV and Radio Observations of an equatorial coronal hole
145 - 148 J. R. Clegg, et al., The solar magnetic field as a coronal hole extension forms: effects of magnetic helicity and boundary conditions
149 - 152 S. R. Cranmer, et al., Spectroscopic Constraints on Models of Ion-Cyclotron Resonance Heating in the Polar Solar Corona
153 - 156 I. Cuseri, et al., Coronal heating: a comparison of ion-cyclotron and gravity damping models
157 - 160 R. B. Dahlburg and G. Einaudi, Compressible aspects of slow solar wind formation
161 - 164 I. E. Dammasch, et al., Statistical Analysis of EUV and UV Lines Inside and Outside of Solar Coronal Holes
165 - 168 J. M. Davila and L. Ofman, Two-fluid 2.5D MHD Simulations of the Fast Solar Wind in Coronal Holes and the Relation to UVCS Observations
169 - 172 G. Del Zanna and B. J. I. Bromage, Characterization of solar coronal holes and plumes using spectroscopic diagnostic techniques applied to SOHO/CDS observations
173 - 176 D. Dobrzycka, et al., Comparison of Polar and Equatorial Coronal Holes observed by UVCS/SOHO: Geometry and Physical Properties
177 - 180 D. Dobrzycka, et al., Variation of Polar Coronal Hole Profiles with Solar Cycle
181 - 184 D. A. Falconer, et al., Large-Scale Coronal Heating, Clustering of Coronal Bright Points, and Concentration of Magnetic Flux
185 - 188 A. Fludra, et al., EUV Observations Above Polar Coronal Holes
189 - 192 R. A. Frazin, et al., UVCS/SOHO Ion Kinetics in Coronal Streamers
193 - 198 C. P. T. Groth, et al., A Parallel Adaptive 3D MHD Scheme for Modeling Coronal and Solar Wind Plasma Flows
199 - 206 M. Guhathakurta, et al., Semi-empirical MHD Model of the Solar Wind and Its Comparison with Ulysses
207 - 210 P. Hackenberg, et al., Plasma properties in coronal funnels
211 - 214 B. Inhester, et al., The rotation of the Fe XIV solar corona during the recent solar activity minimum
215 - 218 J. E. Insley, A CDS observation of the relationship between a coronal hole and chromospheric structure
219 - 222 M. Karovska, et al., Study of Dynamical Properties of Coronal Structures in the Polar Regions
223 - 226 R. Keppens and J. P. Goedbloed, Numerical simulations of stellar winds
227 - 231 Y.-K. Ko and C. P. T. Groth, On the Electron Temperature and Coronal Heating in the Fast Solar Wind Constrained by In-Situ Observations
233 - 236 J. L. Kohl, et al., UVCS/SOHO Observations of Spectral Line Profiles in Polar Coronal Holes
237 - 239 M. Kojima, et al., The highest solar wind velocity in a polar region estimated from IPS tomography analysis
241 - 244 E. Landi, et al., Observation of transition region fine structures with SOHO/SUMER
245 - 248 M. Landini, et al., Loop models from SOHO observations
249 - 252 P. Lemaire, et al., Search for signatures of a coronal hole in transition region lines near disk center
253 - 256 X. Li, A 16-Moment Fast Solar Wind Model
257 - 260 P. Liewer, et al., Hybrid Simulations of Wave Propagation and Ion Cyclotron Heating in the Expanding Solar Wind
261 - 264 Y.-Q. Lou, Magneto-Gravity Waves Trapped in the Lower Solar Corona
265 - 268 L. Maccari, et al., Ly-alpha observation of a coronal streamer with UVCS/SOHO
269 - 275 W. H. Matthaeus, et al., Fluctuations, dissipation and heating in the corona
277 - 281 M. P. Miralles, et al., Properties of Coronal Hole/Streamer boundaries and adjacent regions as observed by Spartan 201
283 - 286 R. L. Moore, et al., Coronal Heating by Magnetic Explosions
287 - 290 L. Ofman, et al., SOHO Observations of Density Fluctuations in Coronal Holes
291 - 294 S. Patsourakos, et al., Outflow velocities at the base of a polar coronal hole during the 1998 total eclipse
295 - 298 S. Poedts, et al., Velocity Shear Induced Phenomena in Solar Atmosphere
299 - 302 U. Schuehle, et al., Signatures of coronal hole spectra between 660 Angstroms and 1460 Angstroms measured with SUMER on SOHO
303 - 306 N. Srivastava, et al., Acceleration Profile Of the Slow Solar Wind as inferred from gradual mass ejections observed by LASCO
307 - 310 G. Stenborg, et al., MICA: The Mirror Coronagraph For Argentina
311 - 314 L. Strachan, et al., Constraints on Coronal Outflow Velocities derived from UVCS Doppler Dimming Measurements and In-Situ Charge State Data
315 - 318 K. Stucki, et al., Coronal hole properties observed with SUMER
319 - 322 S. T. Suess, et al., Ulysses-UVCS Coordinated Observations
323 - 326 S. T. Suess, et al., Streamer Evaporation
327 - 330 R. M. Suleiman, et al., UVCS/SOHO Observations of H I Lyman Alpha Line Profiles in Coronal Holes at Heliocentric Heights above 3.0 solar radii
331 - 334 C.-Y. Tu, et al., Ion temperatures as observed in a solar coronal hole
335 - 338 A. M. Vasquez, et al., UVCS observations and modeling of streamers
339 - 343 M. Velli and P. Liewer, Alfven Wave Generation in Photospheric Vortex Filaments, Macrospicules, and ``Solar Tornadoes''
345 - 348 P. R. Young and R. Esser, Comparing quiet Sun and coronal hole regions with CDS/SOHO
349 - 352 L. Zangrilli, et al., On the Lyman alpha and O VI line profiles in streamers and coronal holes
353 - 356 T. H. Zurbuchen, et al., The transition between fast and slow solar wind from composition data

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