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Solar Particle Hazards in Interplanetary Space (PPT)

Input to the President's Commission on Implementation of US Space Exploration Policy

Meetings Observations
SOHO 23 Meeting
UVCS 2000 Science Meeting
UVCS/SOHO 1999 Science Meeting
SOHO 7 Workshop, Oct.'98
UVCS/SOHO 1998 Science Meeting
UVCS/SOHO 1997 Science Meeting, Monselice, Italy
UVCS/SOHO 1996 Science Meeting, Baltimore

Observations of the April 21, 2002 Event
UVCS Daily Target Selection
Eclipse Support '99
Eclipse Support '98
Comet Observations

Press Release (Feb. 2006): Steven Cranmer Receives 2006 Harvey Prize
Press Release (May 2004): The Sources of Solar Hazards in Interplanetary Space
Press Release (October 2003): Wildfires on the Sun
Press Release (March 2002): Scientists Predict Calmer Weather Ahead
Press Release (April 2001): SOHO 5th Anniversary Celebration
Press Release (Nov 2000): The Corona Approaches Solar Maximum
Press Release (July 1999): Surf's Up: Historic Glenn Mission and SOHO Make Major Solar Advance on 37-year old Mystery

Press Release for the IUGG 2003 Conference
UVCS Presentation for CfA-Wide EPO Forum (PDF Document)
UVCS Instrument Model on Display at Boston's Museum of Science

UVCS Reports for the SOHO Fifth Anniversary and Sun-Earth Day Celebrations
List of UVCS Events for the SOHO Fifth Anniversary and Sun-Earth Day Celebrations

The UVCS Data Analysis Software (DAS) and the calibration files are available now through the Solar SoftWare (SSW)

Whole-sun Ly-alpha fluxes measured by the SOLSTICE instrument on UARS may be helpful in analyzing scattered disk light in UVCS spectra. SOLSTICE fluxes are at

SOHO Sees Solar Corona Brightening (More)

SOHO Model

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