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from the US. There is a strong requirement for very short stimulus-response times, to realize the full utility of interactive experiment capability. It now appears technically feasible. It provides, in addition, the possibility for remote support of system management.

Over the years, some level of analysis capability has been used. This includes first order look at continuing data sets, unplanned analysis of anomalies, and, occasionally, full up analysis. It is anticipated that MOST of this analysis will occur on the experimenters' own computers imported seasonally, or on facilities dedicated to each experiment since analysis capability is very sensitive to the configuration of the computing environment. However, a modest basic level of analysis capability is required to support a) small, one- time experiments, b) failure of facilities associated with experiments, c) analysis while waiting for departure from pole or while waiting for arrival of equipment, and d) media conversion where appropriate.

All of the above requirements may be satisfied, in part, by the implementation of an Internet link to the South Pole. While the bandwidths and access times may not satisfy future requirements, the plan discussed in part II (Communications) of this recommendation paper takes advantage of existing satellites and technology to start the process. Longer range plans must be developed for true remote control of South Pole experiments.

Requirements on Computing Environment:

A sampling of groups currently using the station facilities for research yields the following information:

- Most will bring own computer (disk, CPU)
- Monitor, printer support will continue to be needed
- Access to network will be required
- Many experiments will utilize logon from US, most require it

Below is a table listing surveyed groups and their current hardware and needs:

Group/PIComputer typeNetworkMedia owner/Need logon
ACQRED AUXdevicefrom USA

GonzaloPCEther? Required
CarrolPCNoneown floppy
RosenbergPC? own (3 1/2 opt)
IRISOS9SUNEtherown (DC600a)Yes
IRIS UPCVAXEtherstation/8mmYes
GMCCPCEtherown (tape)
CMBR PSUNEtherown (5 1/4 opt,DAT)Yes
CMBR DSUNEtherown (DAT)Yes
CMBR P,DPCserial?
CMBR BerkMacSun
GASPMacVAX SUNEtherstation/8mm/optYes
SPASEMacVAX SUNEtherstation/8mm/optYes
AMANDAMacVAX SUNEtherstation/8mm/optYes