Where, Exactly, Do Stars Form?

Alyssa Goodman's Talk at SOFIA Star Formation Workshop, UC Santa Cruz, July 13, 1999

Introduction & "The Schmidt Law" (Kennicutt's Law)

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KENNICUTT, ROBERT C., JR. The star formation law in galactic disks
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KENNICUTT, ROBERT C., JR. The Global Schmidt Law in Star-forming Galaxies

The Spectral Correlation Function

 1999astro.ph..3454R 1.000 03/1999 A  E  F                                                      
ROSOLOWSKY, ERIK W.; GOODMAN, ALYSSA A.; WILNER, DAVID J.; WILLIAMS, JONATHAN P. The Spectral Correlation Function -- A New Tool for Analyzing Spectral-Line Maps

SCF Homepage: http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/~agoodman/scf/SCF/scfmain.html

Coherent Cores

 1998ApJ...504..207B 1.000 09/1998 A  E  F                      R          S                  
BARRANCO, JOSEPH A.; GOODMAN, ALYSSA A. Coherent Dense Cores. I. NH 3 Observations
 1998ApJ...504..223G 1.000 09/1998 A  E  F                      R          S                  
GOODMAN, ALYSSA A.; BARRANCO, JOSEPH A.; WILNER, DAVID J.; HEYER, MARK H. Coherence in Dense Cores. II. The Transition to Coherence

Connecting Spectral Line & Continuum Data



1.3 mm Map of Ophiuchus

 1998A&A...336..150M 1.000 08/1998 A  E  F                                  S                  
MOTTE, F.; ANDRE, P.; NERI, R. The initial conditions of star formation in the rho Ophiuchi main cloud: wide-field millimeter continuum mapping

"Pressure Confined Clumps"

 1992ApJ...395..140B 1.000 08/1992 A          G                  R  C      S                  
BERTOLDI, FRANK; MCKEE, CHRISTOPHER F. Pressure-confined clumps in magnetized molecular clouds

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Opening Image (Alves, Lada & Lada 1999)