Update on "Coherent Dense Core" Observations

March 1998

The IRAM 30-m proposal deadline was March 5, 1998, and in time for it we (Goodman, Arce, Caselli, Heyer, Williams, & Wilner) submitted a new "How Coherent are Dense Cores?" proposal, which is a follow-up to our original proposal. (If you want the LaTeX file for the new proposal, it's here, and the needed style file is here.)

In the process of preparing the new 30-m proposal, Héctor, Jonathan & AG managed to collect and organize enough of the March 1997 FCRAO data (quickly analyzed last Spring by Mark) and November 1997 IRAM 30-m data (analyzed by Jonathan & Héctor) to make the plots shown in the grid below (also available as ps file).

(click on any graph to enlarge above)

You'll notice from these graphs that we DO indeed find good DelV-T_A correlations in most of these TMC-1C maps we've made. (The two boxed plots at the lower left are from the CDCII paper, now in press for July 1998 ApJ.) The caption on the graph in the 1998 proposal explains how AG thinks at least some of these fit together.

What the proposal doesn't say is that AG is a bit worried about these TMC-1C correlations being too good, and that the "cometary" nature of this core may be having an influence. This suspiscion arises based on this initial analysis of DelV-v_LSR-T_A correlations.

Now, we need to:

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