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*Astronomy 208. The Physics of the Interstellar Medium

Catalog Number: 4842
Alyssa A. Goodman

The Interstellar Medium [ISM] of our own and other galaxies, as well as the Intergalactic Medium will be discussed, with the greatest emphasis on the Milky Way's ISM. Various physically distinct regions will be investigated, including cold neutral gas, hot ionized gas, photon-dominated regions, high-velocity clouds, and galactic nuclei. Star-forming clouds and supernova remnants will be addressed in detail, as will the interaction of stellar winds with the ISM. The goal of the course willbe an understanding of how to measure, understand, and predict the conditions (i.e., temperature, density, chemical composition, ionization state, magnetic field, velocity distribution) of the gas and dust in interstellar material, and to understand the role of the interstellar material in galaxies and the universe.

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  3. Special Page on HII regions.
  4. Special Page on ISM in External Galaxies..
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