Harvard University, Astronomy 208: The Physics of the Interstellar Medium
Fall 2000
Prof. Alyssa Goodman

Note: The full (Y2K) version of this page will be in-place during the second week of AY208, after student interests have been considered.

The 1998 Reading List is available for reference.

Current Reading List for Astronomy 208


  • Additional general references are listed at the bottom of this page.

  • Contents

    1. Introduction

    Topical Work for Discussion

  • Barnard, E.E. 1919, On the Markings of the Sky with a Catalogue of 182 Such Objects, ApJ, 39, 1-23 (copies handed out).
  • Reference Work

  • Knapp, G. 1995, The stuff between the stars, Sky & Telescope, 89, 20-26.
  • Chapter 1 : Osterbrock, D.E. 1989, Astrophysics of Gaseous Nebulae and Active Galactic Nuclei (Mill Valley, CA: University Science Books).
  • Chapter 1: Dyson, J.E. and Williams, D.A. 1980, Physics of the interstellar medium (New York: Wiley).