Astronomy 98hf Schedule

Date Speaker (click to send email) Student Host Topic (click for info) Reading Assignment
23-Sep Rosanne DiStefano AG Gravitational Microlensing and the Search for Planets Click for Instructions
30-Sep Kenneth Wood Adam Leroy Testing Theoretical Models of Disk-like Systems Click for Instructions
7-Oct Matthew Holman Josh Eisner Dynamics of Planetary Systems PDF file
14-Oct Shadia Habbal Simon DeDeo Origins of the Fast and Slow Solar Wind Click for Instructions
21-Oct Robert Noyes Ben Oppenheimer Planets Oribiting Other Stars Click for Instructions
28-Oct Alex Dalgarno Simon DeDeo Chemistry of the Early Universe Click for Instructions
4-Nov Krzysztof Stanek Andrew Ruggiero Variability Survey of Nearby Galaxies--DIRECT Distances Click for Instructions
11-Nov Veteran's Day Holiday
18-Nov Giuseppina Fabbiano Josh Eisner X-rays from Galaxies Click for Instructions
25-Nov Aneta Siemiginowska Jed Cohen Soft X-ray emission from Active Galactic Nuclei Click for Instructions
2-Dec John Huchra Jed Cohen Large Scale Flows in the Universe Click for Instructions
9-Dec Christopher Kochanek Adam Leroy The Optical Properties of Gravitational Lenses Click for Instructions

Note that Reading Assignment links will be updated throughout the term. Students should check them in the week preceding each class, to find out the assignment for the next class.


Name: Alyssa A. Goodman