The 1997 New Year's Day Bagel-Off
The Story

The "Bagel-off" (a tasting of Boston-area bagels) was the result of the hard work and dedication of lots of folks. We had so much fun that I can't possibly relate the whole experience in a quick paragraph or two. So, skip directly to the results if you'd like. No offense taken -- I promise. But, if you are interested in the details, seen through my peculiar little lens, please click here. -- Edward

Participating Bakeries


The Results


  1. Aesop's
  2. Dunkin' Donuts/H & H (tie)
  3. Kupel's


Click here for a detailed summary of the rankings and scores.

See the "tasters" section below for individual score sheets.

Tasters: click on name to see individual score sheets



Alyssa Would order Dutch Apple Crunch Bagel if not supervised...
David Noticed that Patriots started winning after Bill Parcels switched to Dunkin' Bagels instead of doughnuts...
Edward Grew up in Charlottesville, VA eating Lenders. Now is trying to make up for lost lox consumption...
Eva Born in Brooklyn AND knows where to get a good bagel in Tunis.
Frank Even more impressive: knows where toget a bagel in Tokyo!
Joel No longer eats pickles with his bagels (Don't ask.)
Kelly Worked in a mall in South Florida. Need we say more?
Lisa Is very happy to live so close to Aesop's. (There was nothing like this in Wisconsin)
 Sharon Bagel Maven! Guessed all four bagel bakeries.

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