A Center for Advanced Scientific Computing at Harvard (CASC)

What is CASC?

The Center for Advanced Scientific Computing is envisioned as a group of computer scientists and natural scientists working together on projects of mutual interest. The Center's resources would be primarily comprised of people whose computer expertise would be widely useful within the science community at Harvard. CASC would have a core group of full time Ph.D.-level or equivalent computer-oriented scientists, whose mission would be to collaborate with faculty and staff on scientific projects that include major computing challenges. Projects might relate to: the storage, searching and processing of massive databases; networking issues; high-speed computing; and data visualization.

In addition, CASC would purchase and maintain high-end computer hardware and software, to be used in the collaborative projects discussed above. High-speed connections to the Internet backbone would also flow "through" CASC. 

 Requests for Funding

Oct. 2001 Letter to Dean Jeremy Knowles (HTML, MSWD)


Page for Participants

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Jeremy Bloxham (EPS, Chair)
Colleen Cavanaugh (Organismic & Evolutionary Biology)
David van Dyk (Statistics)
Pepi Fabbiano (CfA/"NVO")
Alyssa Goodman (CfA/Astronomy)
Lincoln Greenhill (CfA/"SKA")
Lars Hernquist (Harvard/CfA)
John Huth (Physics)
Efthimios (Tim) Kaxiras (Physics/DEAS)
Avi Loeb (CfA/Astronomy)
James Rice (EPS/DEAS)
Eugene Shakhnovich (Chemistry)
Irwin Shapiro (CfA, Director/Astronomy/Physics)
Kris Stanek (CfA/Astronomy)
Steven Wofsy (EPS)

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