Coherent Dense Cores Collaboration Page

This page contains pointers to pages summarizing ongoing pieces of the coherent dense cores project. This project will lead to several additional papers in the "Coherent Dense Cores" series, of which papers I & II have already appeared. (Barranco & Goodman 1998; Goodman, Barranco, Wilner & Heyer 1998).

IRAM Data Status & Analysis Page (coming soon)

FCRAO Data Status & Analysis Page (posted 2/16/99)

Comments page (summary of relevant emails)


List of people currently participating in this collaboration:

  • Héctor Arce
  • Javier Ballesteros
  • Paola Caselli
  • Alyssa Goodman
  • Mark Heyer
  • Jonathan Williams
  • David Wilner
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