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Long-lost images could offer insight into rare and moving stars.

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A better sense of place: Astronomer to speak on the race for longitude: Alyssa Goodman, professor of astronomy at Harvard University, will discuss the race to determine longitude in the 18th century in a Thursday talk "Lost Without Longitude"
Read More: A better sense of place, Harvard Crimson, May 13, 2015

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Alyssa A. Goodman, Harvard professor of astronomy and research associate of the Smithsonian Institution, has been selected the 2015 Scientist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation.
Read More: Astronomy Professor Goodman Named Scientist of the Year, Harvard Gazette, March 23, 2015

Alyssa Goodman is Talking

March-April 2014, New Opportunities, New Intellectual Frontiers: Alyssa Goodman: Astronomer on a Mission, Harvard Alumni


March-April 2014, Why "Big Data" Is a Big Deal: Information science promises to change the world, Harvard Magazine (pdf)


January 2014, Science Today: Visualization Astronomy--and Beyond, California Academy of Sciences


October 2013, Office Hours: Alyssa Goodman, video interview


February 2013, Harvard Gazette, Harvard professor of astronomy Alyssa Goodman arrived early to set up her presentation of the free WorldWide Telescope (WWT) from Microsoft Research.
New Program Puts the Universe into View, Harvard Crimson, Feb. 1, 2013


May 2011, Harvard Gazette, Astronomy ambassadors help students explore the heavens.

4 paradigm images

October 2010, Alyssa Goodman becomes an editor of the The Fourth Paradigm Blog at

Ruff Ruffman icon October 2009, Fetch with Ruff Ruffman episode features the WorldWide Telescope and Alyssa Goodman

NakedScientist icon February 2009, The Naked Scientists: Science Radio & Science Podcasts, MRI Scanning the Stars
The Naked Scientists interviews Alyssa Goodman about taking some of the systems that have been geared up to do better body scans with MRI and applying them to images of the night sky...

January 2009, 3-D PDF Offers Astronomers a New Perspective
A new way to look at complex scientific data in three dimensions is now available in the widely used PDF document format.

WWT icon

May 2008, Researchers and educators at Harvard have been excited to be partnering on many aspects of WWT with Microsoft.

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