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Selected Talks 2017

Before 2008

Date Location Forum Title
September 2018 Scotland, UK University of St Andrews School of Computer Science: Seminar Visualization and the Universe: How and why astronomers, doctors, and you need to work together to understand the world around us
(key, 350 MB), (pdf, 10 MB)
July 2018 Cambridge, MA PRISE Distinguished Speaker Presentation, Harvard University What does "data science" mean to me, and to you?
(key, 133 MB), (pdf, 20 MB), (Student Survey, Google Doc)
July 2018 Cambridge, MA CARMA-NRO Orion team meeting in CU glue, Orion, and you
(key, 5.3 GB), (pdf, 10 MB), (Video, Zoom)
June 2018 Madrid, Spain European Space Agency (ESA), ESAC Seminars 2018 Seeing the Sky, Visualization & Astronomers (key, 591 GB), (pdf, 28 MB)
May 2018 Paralia Katerini, Mount Olympus, Greece The Olympian Symposium 2018: Gas and stars from milli- to mega- parsecs glue-ing together the Universe
(key, 506 MB), (pdf, 46 MB), (Video)
April 2018 Washington, D.C. 2018 NSF SI2 PI Meeting glue: Linked-View Exploratory Visualization of High-Dimensional Data, for Everyone
Poster (figshare)
April 2018 Boston, MA Northeastern University Visualization Consortium (NUVis) Seeing the Sky: Visualization & Astronomers (key, 556 MB), (pdf, 62 MB)
March 2018 Washington, DC Arthur M. Sackler Colloquia of the National Academy of Sciences: Creativity and Collaboration: Revisiting Cybernetic Serendipity The Road from Exploration to Explanation, and Back
(key, 285 MB), (pdf, 42 MB), (Other files), (Video, YouTube)
February 2018 Boston, MA Chilton Club, Boston The Skeleton of the Milky Way
(key, 724 MB), (pdf, 69 MB)
February 2018 Napa Valley, California Dent 2018 The Past and Present of the Future (key, 106 MB), (pdf, 28 MB)
January 2018 Santiago, Chile Center for Mathematical Modeling Colloquium, University of Chile Seeing the Sky: Visualization and Astronomers (key, 533 MB), (pdf, 69 MB)
January 2018 Santiago, Chile Congreso Futuro 2018 What Can Humans and Computers Teach Each Other About the Universe? (short version) (key, 676 MB), (pdf, 81 MB)
January 2018 Coquimbo, Chile Congreso Futuro 2018, Regional Event What Can Humans and Computers Teach Each Other About the Universe? (long version) (key, 402 MB), (pdf, 42 MB)

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