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Selected Talks 2016

Before 2008

Date Location Forum Title
December 2016 Toronto, ON Colloquium Filaments: Fad or Fundamental? (key, 1.1 GB), (pdf, 163 GB)
November 2016 Heidelberg, Germany Königstuhl Colloquium Filaments: Fad or Fundamental? (key, 1.0 GB), (pdf, 149 MB)
October 2016 New York, NY MSDE 2016 Data Science Summit Linked-View Visualization of High-Dimensional Data in glue (key, 416 MB), (pdf, 13 MB)
October 2016 Lexington, MA Lexington High School, Lexington High School Science Leaders Club What I do?
Handout (pdf)
October 2016 Cambridge, MA Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, 2016-2017 Fellows' Presentation Series The Prediction Project, (key, 814 MB ), (pdf, 134 MB)
October 2016 Sorrento, Italy (remote) IAU Symposium 325: Astroinformatics The Value of High-Dimensional Data Visualization in Science (key, 810 MB), (pdf, 31 MB)
September 2016 Rome, Italy VIALACTEA 2016, The Milky Way as a Star Formation Engine Toward True Topology, (key, 604 MB ), (pdf, 62 MB)
May 2016 Madison, WI Crutcher/Heiles conference, Star formation, magnetic fields, and diffuse matter in the galaxy Clouds, Filaments. & Fields (key, 641 MB), (pdf, 85 MB)
May 2016 Cambridge, MA Palmer Smithsonian WorldWide Telescope, (key, 421 MB ), (pdf, 55 MB )
May 2016 Boston, MA Plenary Presentation at Kickoff of WGBH "Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms" WorldWide Telescope
May 2016 Cambridge, MA Bok 40th!, Harvard University Creativity, Discovery, Exploration, (key, 219 MB), (pdf, 15 MB),
April 2016 Allston, MA COUR Symposium, Harvard University Presentation on Galileo, (key, 1.4 GB), (pdf, 80 MB), (YouTube Video)
April 2016 Cambridge, MA Harvard Alumni Association Board of Directors' Spring Lunch Meeting, Harvard University Keynote Address: Seeing Science (key, 1.1 GB), (pdf, 69 MB)
April 2016 Lexington, MA Special Community Event, Lexington Community Education Seeing Science (key, 950 MB), (pdf, 83 MB)
April 2016 Munich, Germany FILAMENTS2016: a Network to study the structure of filaments in molecular clouds and their relation to the formation of stars How Long, and Long-lasting, are Filaments? (key, 508 MB), (pdf, 44 MB)
March 2016 New York, NY NY Public Library Seamless Astronomy & Predictions, Google Doc
March 2016 Cambridge, MA CFA ITC Pizza Lunch Humans-in-the-Loop: Visualization + Machine Learning
(key, 484 MB), (pdf, 36 MB), ("Conversation" at NY Public Library, Google Doc)
January 2016 Los Angeles, CA UCLA Astrophysics Colloquium Tools and Techniques Telling a Twisted Tale of Star Formation
(key, 1.3 GB), (pdf, 74 MB)
January 2016 Kissimee, FL 227th AAS Meeting What is WorldWide Telescope and why should researchers care?
(key, 598 MB), (pdf, 72 MB)

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