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In my Astronomy research, I am primarily interested in how the gas in galaxies constantly re-arranges itself over huge time spans to constantly form new stars. I have also had a long-standing interest in data visualization, and in improving the use of computers in all aspects of scientific research. I teach a course at Harvard called "The Art of Numbers," and I am very involved in the WorldWide Telescope Project, which brings astronomical data to everyone through an interface that demonstrates data delivery for the 21st Century of "e-Science."

Current Projects

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Star Formation Taste Tests
Since inputs and included processes in numerical simulations are adjustable, synthetic observations of simulations can be thought of as "controlled" experiments on how stars might form. "Taste-testing" is the effort of statistically comparing the synthetic observations of star-forming regions with real ones.

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Initiative in Innovative Computing
Accelerating the pace of science through computing

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics • 60 Garden Street, MS 42 • Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: • Fax: (617) 495-7345 • Telephone: (617) 495-9278

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