Recycling in the Universe


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Recycling in the Universe

Recycling on Earth & In Galaxies

Recycling in the Universe

Making the First Recyclables...

Pretty young galaxies

"Star Formation 101"

Molecular Clouds: The Stuff of New Stars

How much stuff is there?

Radio Spectral-line Observations of Molecular Clouds

How do Optical & Radio Views Compare?

Cold, Dark & Dusty

Recycling in the Universe

Consumption of Recyclables

Stellar Recyclables

Stellar Winds: Discarding the Recyclables Mass=100 x Sun

"Excess Gas?" (Post-red-giant planetary nebula)

Stellar Recyclables

Massive Stars & Supernovae

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Swept-up Gas:The Next Generation

(At least) How much Gas is Swept-Up?

Recycling in the Universe

Young Stars do Their Share Too

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One Picture with the Whole Story

Recycling in the Universe(?)

For more information...

(Unusual?) Stellar Nursery in the Eagle Nebula

Star Formation Caused by A Galaxy Collision (a.k.a. igniting the trash)

Author: Alyssa A. Goodman


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Presented as Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Open Night, August 19, 1999

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