Star Formation in Dense Cores

Alyssa A. Goodman, Harvard University

Please note: This page is still under construction... this version is most useful for "non-specialists."

Cartoon View of Star Formationin a Spriral Galaxy (click picture to enlarge)

Reviews of Star-Formation

AG's Review Talk "Observing Star Formation: From the Interstellar Medium to Star-Forming Cores" presented in January 1996 at the 187th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society:

Assorted PowerPoint Versions of Others' ISM/Star-Formation Lectures:

Audio Discussion of Star Formation

On April 12, 1996, Alyssa Goodman was a guest, along with Robert Kirshner on National Public Radio's Science Friday. Goodman discussed star formation, and Kirshner discussed star "death" and supernovae. The full audio version of the program, entitled "The Birth and Death of Stars," is available using Real Audio through Science Friday's pages, or here.

Movies of Star Formation

An oversimplified view courtesy of BIMA page on star formation... hopefully a better version will be coming soon!


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