Full-spectrum Astronomy, Computing and the SKA


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Table of Contents

Full-spectrum Astronomy, Computing and the SKA

The Distant Past

The Present

The Future, from Earth

The Future, from Space

The Future, from Cyberspace

Hunting, Gathering, Farming & Chemistry

Multiwavelength Milky Way

Where to Find the Bounty

Why a Patisserie?

Is the SKA an exotic specialty store, or a farm?

The SKA is for Everyone

Öas long as we can

Todayís Discussion: Strategy

Make the SKA an integral part of "Full-spectrum Astronomy"

An example: Orion

Think of Computing as integral to the SKA, the way "Instrumentation" was to Telescopes in the 20th Century

Computing Challenges

Öand the SKA

Author: Alyssa Goodman

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