List of Topics & Papers to (Potentially) be Discussed in the

Spring 2002 Yale Seminar on Star Formation and the Interstellar Medium



(initials=faculty introducer)


Discussion Leader/Date

Star-counting: Early and Modern Applications (AG)

Alves, J., Lada, C.J. and Lada, E.A. 2001, Internal structure of a cold dark molecular cloud inferred from the extinction of background starlight, Nature, 409, 159.

Alyssa Goodman


Molecular-Line Spectroscopy: Mapping Molecular Clouds (AG)

Lada, E.A., Bally, J. and Stark, A.A. 1991, An Unbiased Survey for Dense Cores in the Lynds 1630 Molecular Cloud, ApJ, 368, 432. (READ)

Lada, E.A. 1992, Global Star Formation in the L1630 Molecular Cloud, ApJ, 393, L25. (SCAN)

Brooke Simmons


Turbulence and "Larson's Laws" (RL)

Larson, R.B. 1981, Turbulence and Star Formation in Molecular Clouds, MNRAS, 194, 809. (READ)

Goodman, A.A., Barranco, J.A., Wilner, D.J. and Heyer, M.H. 1998, Coherent Dense Cores. II. The Transition to Coherence, ApJ, 504, 223. (SCAN)

Ryan Quadri


Outflows & Jets: Origin, Influence and Proper Motion (AG)

Snell, R.L., Loren, R.B. and Plambeck, R.L. 1980, Observations of CO in L1551:  Evidence for Stellar Wind Driven Shocks, ApJ, 239, L17. (READ)

Bally, J., Reipurth, B., Lada, C.J. and Billawala, Y. 1999, Multiple CO Outflows in Circinus: The Churning of a Molecular Cloud, AJ, 117, 410. (SCAN)

Hugh Crowl


Numerical Simulations of Molecular Clouds (AG/RL)

Vazquez-Semadeni, E., Ostriker, E.C., Passot, T., Gammie, C.F. and Stone, J.M. 2000, Compressible MHD Turbulence: Implications for Molecular Cloud and Star Formation, Protostars and Planets IV, 3. (Available in hardcopy through Richard Larson, Alyssa Goodman or library; or electronically here.)

Dipankar Maitra


Interferometry and Disks (AG)

Wilner, D.J., Ho, P.T.P. and Rodriguez, L.F. 1996, Subarcsecond VLA Observations of HL Tauri: Imaging the Circumstellar Disk, ApJ, 470, L117.

Alyssa Goodman


The Origins of Binarity & Multiplicity (RL)

 Looney, L.W., Mundy, L.G. and Welch, W.J. 2000, Unveiling the Circumstellar Envelope and Disk: A Subarcsecond Survey of Circumstellar Structures, ApJ, 529, 477.

Note: AG away at MIT this day.

Jeffrey Van Duyne


The Initial Mass Function of Star-Forming Gas, and of Stars (RL)

 Larson, R. L. 1999, The Stellar Initial Mass Function, in "Star Formation 1999," T. Nakamoto. ed, p. 336 .

Richard Larson and Ezequiel Treister


Grain growth in Star-Forming Regions (AG)

Hogerheijde, M.R. and Sandell, G. 2000, Testing Envelope Models of Young Stellar Objects with Submillimeter Continuum and Molecular-Line Observations, ApJ, 534, 880.

Alyssa Goodman


The Influence of Interstellar Dust on Extragalactic Observations (AG)

Aguirre, A. 1999, Intergalactic Dust and Observations of Type IA Supernovae, ApJ, 525, 583.



The Search for Extrasolar Planets (AG)

Butler, R. P., Marcy, G. W., Fischer, D. A., Vogt, S. S., C.G.Tinney, Jones,H.R.A., Penny,A.J., Apps, K., 2000, Statistical Properties of Extrasolar Planets, in "Planetary Systems in the Universe: Observations, Formation and Evolution", in ASP Conference Series Vol. nnn, 2001, ed. A.Penny, P.Artymowicz, A.-M. Lagrange, and S. Russell .



Bing Zhao


Properties of the Intergalactic Medium (RL)


Richard Larson


Star Formation in the Early Universe (RL)


Andres Escala