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TIFF bitmaps translators

TIFF bitmaps translators

In this directory you can find a few programs that I wrote to allow conversion and possibly resampling of TIFF G4 files. We use these utilities in the so-called Article service of the NASA Astrophysics Data System.

Be warned that these programs have been written not as general-purpose utilities, but rather as optimized programs to do the job at hand as fast as possible, and that no documentation nor support comes with them, so use them at your own risk. In order to compile them, you will need a copy of Sam Leffler's TIFF Library. All programs are known to work with TIFF files with the following characteristics:

As stated above, all these programs come with no documentation nor support, but I welcome any comments or improvements. If you don't get the expected results when running the code on your images, you should make sure that the image characteristics match the ones listed above. This can be done by running the program tiffinfo, which comes with the TIFF library.

Alberto Accomazzi -- 25 March 1998