Click here to learn about HIP 116454, K2's first exoplanet!

I am an astronomy graduate student at Harvard University working with John Johnson on extrasolar planet detection and characterization. I develop analysis techinques for precise stellar radial velocity measurements and space based photometry (specifically Kepler and K2). I also conduct ground-based followup observations of interesting systems (both planets and eclipsing binary stars) discovered by Kepler and K2. Click here to learn about my work on K2 data analysis. I am generally interested in what technology like the Kepler spacecraft and precise radial velocity spectrographs can tell us about exoplanets and their host stars.

As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I worked with Geoff Marcy and John Johnson to improve the precision of stellar radial velocity measurements which enable mass measurements of exoplanets. I worked with Phil Muirhead to analyze Kepler light curves to characterize planet candidates and eclipsing binary stars. I have also worked with Jerry Edelstein at the Space Sciences Laboratory on externally dispersed interferometry instrumentation and data analysis. In particular, I have worked to develop a technique to utilize non-continuous spectral feature frequency information to increase the spectral resolution of the Triplespec Exoplanet Detection Instrument (TEDI).