cara battersby

Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut


Cara Battersby at the SMAAbout me

A Massachusetts native, I am delighted to be back home in New England. While I'm not pondering the mysteries of the universe, you're likely to find me out chasing plastic (ultimate frisbee), hiking, climbing, or skiing mountains, biking, enjoying a fine beer, reading a good book, strumming my guitar, or just plain relaxing with my wonderful friends and family. 

Traveling is one of the coolest perks of being an astronomer, and I have relished my many opportunities to do so.  From the summit of Mauna Kea, to the beaches of Greece, to the mountaintops in Spain, I have been to many places, and am looking forward to many more.  Next trips on the list are to a conference in Chile and observing in Hawai'i.  An avid amateur photographer, my story is better told in pictures - see below.

A few observing Trips

Top row (left to right): 1) Very Large Array (New Mexico), 2) Institut de Radioastronomie Millimétrique (IRAM) in Spain, 3) Sunspot, NM
Bottom row (left to right): 4) Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (Mauna Kea), 5) the Submillimeter Array (Mauna Kea) and 6) Green Bank Telescope (West Virginia)
Cara Battersby at the VLA   Cara Battersby at IRAM   Sunspot, NMCara Battersby at the CSOCara Battersby at the SMA   Cara Battersby at the GBT

Various Adventures

Top row (left to right): 1) Biking in Crete, 2) Sanitas Mt. in Boulder, CO, 3) Sledding in Massachusetts
Bottow row (left to right): 4) Backpacking in Iceland, 5) Backpacking in Yellowstone, 6) Climbing over the sea in Thailand
Bike Tour Crete   Sanitas   Sledding in MasschusettsHiking in Iceland   Hiking in Yellowstone   Climbing in Thailand

My ultimate frisbee teams in Boston, Lions Ultimate and Hammers in Paris.
Lions Ultimate Hammers in Paris