Courtney Dressing


As a junior at Princeton University, I worked with Dave Spiegel to model the habitability of theoretical terrestrial planets with a range of orbital parameters. We varied the planet's ocean fraction, obliquity, eccentricity, and semimajor axis and computed the temperature of each latitude band on the surface using a 1D energy balance model that Dave developed during graduate school at Columbia. Please see Dressing, Spiegel, & Scharf et al. 2010, ApJ, 721, 1295 and Spiegel, Raymond, & Dressing et al. 2010, 721, 1308 to learn more about the habitability of planets with a variety of orbital parameters.

During summer 2005, I participated in the NASA Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program. I worked with Tilak Hewagama to study the broadband photometry of the Earth using reflected light from the Moon (Earthshine) in the context of identifying signatures of habitability in future images of exoplanets.

Courtney at Yellowstone
At Yellowstone National Park during AbGradCon11.