Christopher C. Hayward

Research overview

I have worked on a variety of topics in theoretical galaxy formation. Much of my work has used radiative transfer to directly compare smoothed-particle hydrodynamics simulations with observed galaxies. I have extensively used such simulations - along with cosmological simulations and a hybrid semi-empirical model - to further our understanding of the high-redshift submillimeter galaxy population. Recently, I started to use the moving-mesh hydrodynamics method rather than smoothed-particle hydrodynamics; my first project was a comparison of idealized disk galaxies and galaxy mergers simulated with both SPH and the moving-mesh code Arepo. Finally, when I was an undergraduate, I did some observational work regarding low surface brightness galaxies. For a more complete picture of my (published) research (including my non-first author work, which I do not describe above) it's best to do an ADS or arXiv search, of course, but the following links should provide a good overview:

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