Fill out form to search the plastic material database

This form permits you to select materials and display properties for them. You can select the materials in a number of ways, by name or portion of name or by selecting a property and limiting the materials to possess properties that fall within a selected range.

Once a material is selected, the properties of interest can be displayed, along with which units to display them in.

You may search for materials of a certain name.

Material Search String:

You may select materials with a property value in a given range.

Select the property that you wish to limit.

Indicate the limiting range, enter a value in neither, one or both ends of the range:

Values between: and:

What properties of the selected materials would you like to see listed?

Select as many items as you would like (From an IBM PC use the Shift and Ctrl keys in the usual way).

You may select a property on which to sort the output.

Select the property to sort on.

Select sorting direction:

  1. Descending.
  2. Ascending.

What units do you want to see the material properties expressed in?

  1. British.
  2. Metric.

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