SMA Chopping Subreflector

The SMA    will consist of up to 8 individual antennas sited at Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Each antenna has a chopping subreflector that is being constructed at Central Engineering. The system consists of a +/- 13 arcmin chopping stage mounted on a three axis manufactured by New England Affiliated Technologies (NEAT). The entire system is installed within a weatherproof enclosure.


Descriptions of the SMA chopping system appeared in:

Mechanical Engineering Magazine: A positioning system for a telescope subreflector, P. Cheimets (SAO) V0l. 116/No.12 December 12th, 1994 pg. 83-84.

SPIE Transactions: Design and Test of the submilleter array (SMA) chopping subreflector, [2200-33] P. Cheimets (SAO) 15-16 March 1994 Kona, Hawaii. The text is available here.

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