Chih-Hao Li, Ph.D.
    Research Associate

    Department of Physics, Harvard University
    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

    60 Garden St. MS 59
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    E-mail :

I am a research associate in Ronald Walsworth's group at Harvard University. I currently work on the development of a novel laser system, coined the "astro-comb", for precision astronomical spectroscopy.

The astro-comb is capable of improving the accuracy of astrophysical spectroscopy by 100 fold assuming it is not limited by the stellar photon shot noise, and it has superier long term stability and reproducibility than any other alternatives. Such high accuracy, long term stability and reproducibility should enable many exciting projects, such as the search for extra-solar Earths, the study of stellar seismology, the search for dark matter in Globular Clusters and the direct observation of the variation of our universe expansion.

The first astro-comb system has been deployed on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona USA to calibrate the TRES spectrograph. We have recently demonstrated that the astro-comb is capable of achieving the internal calibration of the TRES, in the near infra-red, to better than 80 cm/s level on the stellar radial velocity measurement. (REF: Stars with known extra-solar planets and Nearby stars).

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