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University of Arizona

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Me, at 18,000 feet (5500 meters) in Chile.


Sep 2006: Submillimeter Polarimetry of Sagittarius A*

My thesis on the submillimeter properties of Sgr A* and the Submillimeter Array polarimeter is available here. I have now moved to the University of Chicago, where I am a Jansky Fellow and a KICP Fellow.

May 2004: First ever ground-based observations in the 1.3 THz atmospheric window!

On the morning of May 27 the RLT made the first observations of a spectral line through the 1.3 THz atmospheric window. The J=11-10 transition of CO at 1.26 THz was observed in M17, along with two lower transitions (9-8 and 7-6). These three lines reside in three different atmospheric windows; only the lowest of these (the 850 GHz window) is available for observations at other telescopes.

Supra-terahertz windows such as these are astronomically interesting because they provide access to emission from many ions and molecules not available at other frequencies, as well as new transitions of well-studied species. An example is the 1.37 THz ground-state transition of H2D+. This moleculular ion traces the chemical reactions responsible for complex molecule formation occuring deep within cold molecular clouds. The only strong transition of this molecule available at other sites (at 372 GHz) has a lower-state energy of 60 K, far too high to be strongly excited in cold clouds.
CO 11-10


Current Work


Receiver Lab Telescope

The world's highest frequency (>1 THz) radio telescope. Used for the first ground-based detections of lines between 1.2 and 1.5 THz.
SMA at sunset

Submillimeter Array

A submillimeter interferometer on Mauna Kea. I am working on hardware to allow polarization measurements in multiple submillimeter bands.

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Previous Work

Archeops primary mirror


A balloon-borne CMB experiment. The topic of my undergraduate thesis.
5.5m telescope for Polatron


A CMB polarization experiment that once hoped to observe from the Owens Valley Radio Observatory.
CZT image


The Energetic X-Ray Imaging Survey Telescope, partially under development at the CfA.

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