After work...


One of my passion outside of science is baking and cooking for my friends and family. Not surprisingly, my love for chemistry started in the kitchen, learning the french patisserie basics with my granddad.
My desire for a cook/baker career ended after attending my first physics lecture in middle school but I still enjoy spending time in the kitchen.
Latest endeavor consisted of the realization of the mini-cupcake version of ALMA 66 antennas, rainbow cake pops simulating the distribution of HCN/HNC in protoplanetary disks, and the adsorption of chocolate covered methane cake balls on amorphous water-like frosted cupcakes.

Bodyjam and Zumba

My cardio dance adventures started when I was dragged by a grad'student friend to our university sportcenter. The positive music and the friendliness of the instructor convinced me to go to the next class even though I almost didn't faint. After few weeks, I became quite proficient and started to enjoy myself, going to Zumba classes as often as I could. I took it to the next level few years later by adopting what is now my new favorite workout: Bodyjam. This mix of club hip-hop music and moves with attitude makes everyone feel like a rock star!

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