• 02/26/2014:

    Accepted to give an invited talk at the Chalonge Meudon Workshop in Paris. 

  • 02/24/2014:

    Accepted to give an invited talk at the PACIFIC 2014 conference Moorea,   French Polynesia. 

  • 02/26/2014: 

   Awarded 200 ks Suzaku Observations (priority A) of outskirts of A3112 (PI: Bulbul)

  • 02/26/2014:

   Awarded 360 ks Suzaku obsevations of A98 (PI: Randall)

  • 02/10/2014: 

   Submitted the article entitled "Detection of An Unidentified Emission Line in the Stacked X-ray spectrum of Galaxy Clusters"  to the Astrophysical Journal.     

  • 11/25/2013: 

    Awarded 49 hours of MUSTANG GBT time (PI: Bulbul)

  • 11/20/2013: 

    Jack Sayer's paper entitled "A Measurement of the Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Signal Toward MACS J0717.5+3745" for which I provided the XMM-Newton analysis of the source is accepted by ApJ

  • 10/30/2013: 

    NASA Astrophysical Data Analysis Program (ADAP) proposal was awarded  $160K providing support for stacking Suzaku observations galaxy clusters (PI: Bulbul)

  • 07/12/2013:

    AO-15 proposal was awarded with 520 ks Chandra exposure (PI: Jones)

  • 04/04/2013: 

   Awarded  200ks Suzaku observations (priority A) of A3112 core (PI: Bulbul)