Glen Petitpas: gpetitpas{at}

I am currently a "computer engineer" at the Submillimeter Array. I also am in charge of scheduling the observations every night, as well as undertaking an independant research plan. I was previously a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland. I obtained my Ph.D. and M.Sc. at McMaster University and my B.Sc. at Saint Mary's University. I am studying molecular gas distributions and dynamics in other galaxies.

My most current research is studying the molecular gas (physical conditions and dynamics) at the centres of galaxies, with the occasional dip into the world of high redshift and ultraluminous infrared galaxies as well.

I used to play a LOT of hockey at McMaster. Up to six games per week, but had the most fun during intense, Physics Departmental games of ice hockey. Although the number of times I play has decreased (to zero actually) since I moved to the US.

Weekends are spent on the beach or mountain biking up Mauna Loa and car care.