The Initial SDPC-1.0 Release

The SDPC-1.0 is the first release of the SDSS-Derived Photometric Catalogue. It is intended to be a catalogue of sources (stars and galaxies) with small photometric uncertainties that have been observed by the SDSS program and included in Data Release 5 (DR5). As such, SDPC-1.0 may be useful to both astrometric and photometric observers of minor planets and comets.

The SDSS-band magnitudes present in DR5 have been converted to B, V, Rc and Ic magnitudes using published transformations, and sources with an uncertainty of greater than 0.1 mag in either B, V or Rc, or 0.2 mag in Ic, have been excluded from the catalogue. Version 1.0 of the SDPC contains photometric and astrometric information for 26544478 sources (17338055 stars and 9206423 galaxies, as classified by SDSS) covering approximately 8000 sq. deg of the sky. The positional data is simply copied over from the SDSS DR5.

Because of the inclusion requirement of small photometric uncertainties, SDPC cannot be a complete catalogue of all sources down to any limit. The bulk of the sources have Rc magnitudes between 13 and 21.

A document describing the preparation of the catalogue is available.

A script-callable web interface to query the catalogue is available.

The entire catalogue is available for download via ftp.


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