I T A M P Workshop, July 24 - 26, 2002 Cambridge, MA -  USA

Resonances and Reflections:  Profiles of Ugo Fano's Physics and Its Influences

Helpful Links: city information, maps, transportation, Harvard & the Square, Conference, etc:

City of Boston (official site of Mayor's office)

City of Cambridge (official site of City Manager's office). An interactive map of Cambridge.

Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau (official Boston Visitor site)

Harvard Square (Harvard Square Business Association,... maps, food, shops, services, etc.)

Harvard University  (an interactive map is here. To find the location of the Faculty Club, click on Fogg Art Museum.)


MBTA (subway, buses, commuter rails, ...). Subway map (in pdf).

ITAMP (our namesake, local information and maps, people, directions, telephone number, etc.)

Fano Conference

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