Michael Battalio

Trends in local energetics
Local Energetics has been employed for decades to diagnose both earth and other worlds (See Mars Eddies) but can also be used to diagnose trends in the local energetics due to climate change. Fig. 1 shows the zonal averages of each of the EKE equation terms from Orlanski, 1991 and the trend from the NCEP 2 reanalysis. The EKE (the energy contained in eddies) is increasing in both hemisphere but is increasing most strongly in the southern hemisphere. The BCEC (baroclinic conversion) is the strongest source of EKE and is also increasing more in the southern than the northern hemisphere. A forthcoming paper will detail these trends.

Fig 1: Zonal average (left columns) and trend (right columns) in the EKE terms for the NCEP 2 reanalysis.
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