Jan Forbrich

Senior postdoc at the University of Vienna and Research Associate at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Office: 116 (Vienna) or, sometimes, C-311C (60 Garden St)

Contact: jan.forbrich [at] univie.ac.at

Universität Wien
Institut für Astrophysik
Türkenschanzstr. 17
1180 Vienna
Tel.+43 1 4277 53813
Fax +43 1 4277 9518

Contact: jforbrich [at] cfa.harvard.edu

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden Street, MS 72
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel.+1 617 495 7896
Fax +1 617 495 7345

(Very) brief CV

2003 MSc, University of Jena, Germany, advisors: Thomas Henning, Katharina Schreyer
2007 PhD, University of Bonn, Germany, advisor: Karl Menten
since 2007: postdoc (2007-2012)/research associate at the CfA, with Charlie Lada and Scott Wolk
since 2012: postdoc at the University of Vienna (in the group of João Alves)


Refereed publications
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  11. J. Forbrich, C. J. Lada, A. A. Muench, & P. S. Teixeira, New M dwarf debris disk candidates in NGC 2547, ApJ 2008, 687, 1107 [ADS] [astro-ph/0807.3597] [see also New Scientist]
  12. J. Forbrich, H. Wiesemeyer, C. Thum, A. Belloche, & K. M. Menten, Observations of the Goldreich-Kylafis effect in star-forming regions with XPOL at the IRAM 30m telescope, A&A 2008, 492, 757 [ADS][astro-ph/0810.2844]
  13. J. Forbrich, Th. Stanke, R. Klein, Th. Henning, K. M. Menten, K. Schreyer, & B. Posselt, A multi-wavelength study of a double intermediate-mass protostar - from large-scale structure to collimated jets, A&A 2009, 493, 550 [ADS][astro-ph/0809.5048]
  14. J. Forbrich, C. J. Lada, A. A. Muench, J. Alves, & M. Lombardi, A Spitzer Census of Star Formation Activity in the Pipe Nebula, ApJ 2009, 704, 292 [ADS][astro-ph/0908.4086]
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Review articles
  1. R. Neuhäuser & J. Forbrich, The Corona Australis Star Forming Region, in: Handbook of Star Forming Regions, Vol. II, ASP Monograph Series 5, ed. Bo Reipurth (San Francisco: ASP), 2008, 735 [ADS][astro-ph/0808.3374]
  2. J. Forbrich, S. J. Wolk, M. Güdel, A. O. Benz, R. Osten, J. L. Linsky, M. McLean, L. Loinard, & Edo Berger, The Radio-X-ray Relation in Cool Stars: Are we headed toward a divorce?, 2011, Cool Stars 16 Splinter Session Summary [ADS][astro-ph/1012.1626]
(Somewhat) relevant unrefereed publications
  1. N. Evans, N. Calvet, L. Cieza, J. Forbrich, L. Hillenbrand, C. J. Lada, B. Merín, S. Strom, & D. Watson, The Diskionary: A Glossary of Terms Commonly Used for Disks and Related Objects, First Edition, 2009 [astro-ph/0901.1691]
  2. G. Siringo, E. Kreysa, A. Kovács, K. M. Menten, & J. Forbrich, Beginning of operation on APEX of the polarimeter for the Large APEX Bolometer Camera (LABOCA), 2010, Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol. 7741 [ADS][SPIE]

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