Jim Moran’s Wanderings
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K1AKE ham shack, 53 Austin St., Leominster, MA; 1958

400-MHz antenna; January 1959

High school graduation; 1959

VLBI trip to USSR, in Mishor, Crimea (Ai-Petri Mountain): Driver, Cosmo Papa, Jim, Steve Knowles, Bernie Burke; June 1971

199th AAS meeting, Washington, DC: Jim, Paul Ho, Fred Lo presenting the first images from the new Submillimeter Array on Mauna Kea; January 6–10, 2002. AAS photo by Richard Dreiser © 2002 AAS

The Structure and Content of Molecular Clouds: 25 Years of Molecular Radioastronomy, Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, Germany; April 15, 1993

Cospar Conference, Rio de Janeiro; June 23, 1974

St. John, VI; March 2002

Dedication of the Submillimeter Array: Jim and Rolf Kudritski; November 23, 2003

Dedication of the Submillimeter Array: Yuan Lee, Larry Small, Jim, Fred Lo (2nd row), Dave Evans; November 23, 2003

CfA party for the 20th anniversary of the start of the SMA; December 10, 2004

Submillimeter Astronomy in the Era of the SMA, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA: Charles Townes and Jim; June 13, 2005

Welch Symposium: Jack Welch and Jim; September 2005

Fred Chaffee, former director of Keck Observatory and SMA director at his joint retirement from Mauna Kea director’s board, and Jim; September 30, 2005

AUI board visit to Apex antenna, ALMA site, Atacama Desert, Chile: Jim, Aihnd Pevsner; October 29, 2005

Jansky Memorial, Bell Telephone Lab, Holmdel, NJ;
January 8, 2006

Yolo Avenue, Berkeley; January 2006

Grizzly Peak Century Ride, Berkeley, CA; May 2006

CARMA dedication; May 2006

Allen Telescope Array, Hat Creek, CA; June 2006

Yellowstone National Park, WY; June 2006

IAU General Assembly XXVI, Prague, Czech Republic: Jim, Barbara, Makato Inoue, Igna and Jon Marcaide; August 2006

Albert Einstein Memorial, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC; April 29, 2007

Barrett Prize lunch: Jim, Phil Myers, Ed Morgan, Al Levine, Tucker Jones (recipient), Hale Brandt; 2007

Astro 193 party: Phil Nutzman, Diego Munoz, Maryann Racine, Mackenzie Smith, Ben Maruca; May 18, 2007

Napa Valley, CA: Jim and Barbara; June 11, 2007

NRAO 50th Anniversary, Charlottesville, VA: Ken and Michele Kellermann, Rachael and Paul VandenBout, Carol and Dave Hogg; June 14, 2007

NRAO 50th Anniversary, Charlottesville, VA: Pat Thaddeus; June 19, 2007

Nantucket, MA: Jim and Barbara with Betsy and Vladimir Strelnitski; July 18, 2007

Grad student picnic: Ray and Liz Blundell, Jim, John Huchra; October 13, 2007

VLA, AUI board meeting; c. 2007

Platform of 1,000-ft. antenna, Arecibo, PR: Jim, Stefi Baum, Rich Kron; April 2008

Ham Radio Station, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China; April 2008

TLW Fest, Madrid: Bernie Burke, Bob Rood, Betsy Burke, Jim, Ursala Wilson, Ralph and Madonna Gaume, Tom Wilson; June 18, 2008

Armagh Observatory, Armagh, Ireland: Jim, Shane Kelly, Toby Hinse; July 14, 2008

Armagh Observatory, Armagh, Ireland; July 14, 2008

Set of Smithsonian Institution documentary: Susan Spencer and Jim; August 11, 2008

Dalgarno Symposium, Cambridge; September 10–12, 2008

Campion Center, Weston, MA: Jim, Fr. Martin McCarthy SJ, Fr. Jim Skehan SJ, John Huchra; Sept. 13, 2008

ALMA site, original enclosure; October 15, 2008

ALMA site, inside trailer; October 15, 2008

Berkeley, CA: Charles and Frances Townes;
November 14, 2008

Cranberry Country Triathlon, Lakeville, MA; August 2009

Cranberry Country Triathlon, Lakeville, MA; August 2009

Jim, Zheng Xing-Wu, Charles Alcock; September 25, 2009

Event Horizon Telescope Workshop, Haystack Observatory; January 2010

Reinhard Genzel, Mark Reid, Jim; March 12, 2010

Green Bank, WV: Don Backer and PAPER group;
May 5, 2010

Little Creatures Brew Pub, Fremantle, WA: Barbara and Jim; June 2010

Boolardy, Western Australia: MWA tile; July 2010

Boolardy Homestead, Western Australia; Ant Schinkel (checking oil) and Jim; July 2010

Berkeley Kite Festival: Susan and Jim Moran; July 2010

Cranberry County Triathlon; August 28, 2010

En route to IRAM interferometer on Plateau de Bure, Grenoble, France; October 1, 2010

Plateau de Bure, Grenoble, France: Karl Schuster and Jim; October 2010

Plateau de Bure, Grenoble, France: 4 of 6 elements;
October 2010

Plateau de Bure, Grenoble, France: George King and Jim at edge of plateau; October 2010

L'Epicurien restaurant, Place aux Herbes, France:
Dennis Downes and Jim; October 2010

Clock lab, Observatoire de Paris: Jim and Sebastian Bize; October 8, 2010

Observatoire de Paris: Mohammad Heydari-Malayeri, Françoise Combes, and Jim; October 8, 2010

MWA Board semiannual meeting, Tempe, AZ: Jim, Steve Tingay, Roger Brissenden, Bryan Gaensler, Uday Shankar, Colin Lonsdale, Rachel Webster, Jackie Hewitt, Brian Schmidt; December 14, 2010

2011 MIT Excellence Awards: Susan Hockfield (president of MIT), Alan and Sarah Whitney, and Jim; March 1, 2011

Boston Marathon: Jim and Susan Moran at the finish line;
April 18, 2011

Millerfest, Goss’s Harvard connections: Jim, Miller Goss, Roger Kopp (PhD 1968); May 18–19, 2011

Millerfest, Goss’s VLBI colleagues: Walter Brisken, Crystal Brogan, Geoff Bower, Miller Goss, Shami Chatterjee, Jim, Ken Kellermann; May 18–19, 2011

Millerfest; May 18–19, 2011

Millerfest: Jim and Miller Goss; May 18–19, 2011

Millerfest: Ron Ekers and Dick Sramek; May 18–19, 2011

Millerfest: Carl Heiles and Shri Kulkarni; May 18–19, 2011

Millerfest: Old train station in Durango, CO; May 18–19, 2011

GSAS Centennial Medal lunch: Jim, Jeff Hoffman, Giovanni Fazio; May 25, 2011

Barrett Prize dinner: Deepto Chakrabarty, Joss Winn, Ashley Perko, Max Tegmark, Scott Hughes, Jim; May 31, 2011

Joe Waters, Cosmo Papa, Jim, Jack Barrett; July 19, 2011

Aphrodiasias, Turkey; August 2011

URSI General Assembly, Istanbul: Eric Shen and Jim;
August 2011

SKA Site Advisory Committee (SSAC), Paris Observatory grounds: Ernie Seaquist (lower left), Willem Brouw, Tom Garvin, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Peter Tindemans, Stefan Michalowski, Jim Moran, Ian Corbett, Jacqueline Van Gorkom, Jaap Baars, Jim Crocker, Subramaniam Ananthakrishnan, Roger Brissenden; January 27, 2012

Mr. Thomas’s Chop House, Manchester, UK, preparing for presentation of the SSAC report to the SKA Founding Board: Vern Pankonin, Jim, Roger Brissenden, Jocelyn Bell Burnell; March 18, 2012

Copley Square, finish of Boston Marathon, temperature of 90F! Jim and Susan Moran; April 16, 2012

RTS-2012 Retirement Celebration, Manchester, UK: Jim and Richard Schilizzi; April 19, 2012

Crafoord Prize Lecture, Lund, Sweden:
Reinhard Genzel; May 14, 2012

Crafoord Prize Symposium, Lund, Sweden:
Reinhard Genzel and Jim; May 14, 2012

Crafoord Prize Lecture, Lund, Sweden:
Andrea Ghez; May 15, 2012

Wapping Project Restaurant, London: Jim and Barbara Moran, Ania and Paul Kondratko; June 22, 2012

Queequeg's Restaurant, Nantucket, MA, after the Nantucket Triathlon: Sasha (Vladimir's granddaughter, age 12), Nan and Vladimir Strelnitski, Jim and Barbara Moran; July 22, 2012

Urumqi Observatory: Jun Zheng and family, Jim and Barbara Moran; August 2012

Museum near Great Wall (Mutianyu section): Vern Pankonin, Barbara and Jim Moran, Dorothy and Ed Churchwell, Janice and Bruce McAdam; August 2012

Xinjiang province, China, near the border with Kazakhstan: Jim and a Kazakh woman at a post-Ramadan feast in her home; August 2012

Peking Duck Restaurant: Shih-Ping Lai, Jin-Lin Han, You-Hua Chu, Barbara and Jim Moran; August 30, 2012

South Cathedral (aka Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, or Xuanwumen Church), Beijing: Jim and statue of Mateo Ricci, mathematician, cartographer, and Jesuit missionary to China (1582–1610); inside the church he founded in 1605; August 2012

Madame Shuhua Ye and Jim; August 2012

Reber Prize dinner: Barbara Moran, Russ Taylor, Dave Jauncey, Jim, Nikolai Kardashev (awardee), John Dickey, Ken Kellermann, Ron and Jill Ekers, Hirax Hirobayashi, Jasper Wall, Martin George; August 2012

Memorial session, IAU General Assembly XXVII, Beijing; August 2012

Jim and Vern Pankonin stepping through the Gates of Heaven, August 2012

NANOGrav advisory board meeting, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH: Dan Stinebring and Jim; October 22, 2012

Reception at Dan Stinebring's house for NANOGrav participants and advisory board, Oberlin, OH: Karla Hubbard (granddaughter of Karl Jansky) and Jim; October 23, 2012

Larson Symposium dinner: Phil Myers, Eve Ostriker, Jim Stone; October 26, 2012

MeerKAT headquarters, Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa: Jason Manley, Jim, Roy Booth, Bernie Fanaroff; November 23, 2012

64-element PAPER instrument, Karoo, South Africa; November 28, 2012

Frontiers of Contemporary Astrophysics Conference, Morelia, Mexico, at dedication of path in honor of Yolanda Gomez: Vicente, Cecelia, and Luis Rodriguez, Yolanda’s sister Irma and brother Jose Luis; Jim, Guido Garay; March 20, 2013

European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Turku, Finland: Reber Lecture; July 8, 2013

Grote Reber

European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Turku, Finland, Reber Lecture reception: Jim and Ken Kellermann; July 8, 2013

European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Turku, Finland, Reber Lecture reception: Ken Kellermann, Richard Davis, and Jim; July 8, 2013

European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Turku, Finland, Reber Prize dinner: Dave Jauncey, Bruce Partridge, Leonid Gurvitz, Olesya Gurvitz, Dorothay Jauncey, Michail Popov, Barbara and Jim Moran, Ken Kellermann, Heino Falcke, Martin George, and Esko Valtaoja; July 8, 2013

European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Turku, Finland, Reber Prize dinner: Dave Jauncey and Esko Valtaoja; July 8, 2013

Barbara Moran and the work of artist Kerttu Horila in church in Rauma, Finland; July 8, 2013

Jim and Barbara Moran arriving at Swissotel, Tallinn, Estonia; July 11, 2013

Subra Ananthakrishnan and Jim; July 22, 2013

Jim with remains of 40-MHz antenna; July 2013

IAU 303, Galactic Center, Santa Fe, NM: Anders Winnberg, Jim, Miller Goss; October 2, 2013

IAU 303, Galactic Center, Santa Fe, NM, Banquet at Coyote Cafe: Jim, Libby Goss, Barbara Moran, Miller Goss, Dominique Radakrishnan, Cornelia Lang

12-m VLBI station, Warkworth Observatory, Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand: Uday Shankar, Tim Natusch, Jim, Jordan Alexander, Peter Thomasson, Alan Maxwell, and Sergei Gulyaev; December 19, 2013

30-m antenna, Warksworth Observatory, Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand: Jim and Uday Shankar; December 19, 2013

Jim and Rich Bradley at URSI/USNC meeting in Boulder, CO, after Jim’s talk “Lessons Learned: Constructing the SMA”; January 9, 2014

Cambridge, MA: Jim, Bernie Burke, and Leonid Matveyenko; April 16, 2014