Kaisey S. Mandel


As of Autumn 2017, I am the University Lecturer (assistant professor) on Astrostatistics at the University of Cambridge.  I hold this interdisciplinary faculty position jointly at the Institute of Astronomy and the Statistical Laboratory, Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

I was recently a postdoctoral fellow working with the CfA Supernova Group at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.  I also participate in the CHASC astrostatistics group at Harvard.  My research interests lie at the intersection of astrophysics, cosmology, statistics, and machine learning, and include:

  1. Statistical Models and Inference with Type Ia supernova (SN Ia) light curves (time series) and spectra

  2. Type Ia supernovae in the near infrared (NIR) as standard candles

  3. Hierarchical Models for Optical and NIR data of Type Ia SN including the effects of dust

  4. Cosmology with SN Ia as distance indicators

  1. Probabilistic (Bayesian) Inference with hierarchical / multi-level statistical models

  2. Computational algorithms for statistical inference (BayeSN)

  3. Model checking, comparison, and selection

  4. Nonparametric modeling

  5. Statistical models, computation and inference for stochastic phenomena

Ph.D. Astronomy, Harvard University, 2011

kmandel AT ast DOT cam DOT ac DOT uk

Ph.D. Thesis

Type Ia Supernova Inference: Hierarchical Bayesian Models in the Optical and Near Infrared. Defended May 2011, Harvard University.

Winner of the ISBA Savage Award

for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Applied Statistical Methodology

Selected Publications (full list on ADS)

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