Professor Avi Loeb  

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Podcast interview by Benyamin Cohen for Grapevine and the Einstein Project (February 19, 2019).

Left: Lecture at TEDx Harvard College (October 14, 2017); Credit: Nina Zonnevylle. Right: Interview for the "Living Universe"; Credit: Essential Media and Entertainment, Sydney, Australia (2017).

Thanksgiving dinner with Ofrit and friends at home (November 23, 2017).

Family trip to Hawaii (July 8, 2017).

Harvard visit of Nobel Laureate and President of the Australian National University, Brian Schmidt (February 7, 2018).

Breakthrough Discuss conference, Stanford University (April 2017) Photo on the left: with Larry Krauss (left) and Charles Alcock (middle).

Left: Lecture at "Beyond the Cradle" Conference at MIT (March 12, 2017); Credit: David Silverman. Right: The Black Hole Initiative (BHI) group photo (November 9, 2016); Credit: Nina Zonnevyle.

Begininng of the academic year celebration, Black Hole Initiative (October 3, 2017); Credit: CK Chen.

Photos from the inauguration of the Black Hole Initiative (April 2016). Credit: Anna Zytkow.

Photos with Ewine van Dishoeck and Tim de Zeeuw at the Breakthrough Prize Ceremony (December 4, 2016). Credit: Ewine van Dishoeck.

Photos from filming for "The Living Universe" documentary, produced by Essential Media, Sydney, Australia (October 2016). Credit: Marcus Gillezeau.

Left: Projection on the BBC studio wall during a TV interview on August 12, 2016; Credit: Katy Savage (BBC, London). Right: With Martin Rees at the board meeting of the Breakthrough Initiatives; credit: Andrew Fraknoi (Foothill College, CA).

At the inauguration of Harvard's Black Hole Initiative (4/18/16). Credits: Ofrit Liviatan

Public announcement of Breakthrough Starshot (4/12/16). With Yuri Milner, Stephen Hawking and Freeman Dyson. Credits: Reuters and Getty Images. More photos are available at this webpage .

Dinner party in honor of Stephen Hawking at Cumrun Vafa's home (4/20/16). Credits: Lisa Cohen

Credits: Mac G. Schumer, Harvard Crimson (left); Kris Snibbe, Harvard Gazette (right)

Credit: Kris Snibbe (Harvard Staff Photographer)

Credits: Peter Pereira (at BBC filming)

Credits: Left - Jared Leeds (for NY Times); Right - Peter Pereira (at BBC filming)

Credit: Clive Grainger (CfA Public Affairs)

Credit: Clive Grainger (CfA Public Affairs)

Credit: Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer

Honorary degree dinner, Harvard University (May 28, 2015)

Visit of Yuri Milner and Pete Worden (2015).

Announcement of Breakthrough Initiatives (July 21, 2015)

Left: With Charles Alcock and the Giant Magellan Telescope in the background; credit: Jim Harrison (Harvard Magazine). Middle: With Martin Rees on November 7, 2014; credit: Nina Zonnevylle (Harvard). Right: With Jim Peebles during a sabbatical at IAS, Princeton in 2003; credit: IAS.

Photos from the first reunion of the PhD alumni of the Harvard Astronomy department (April 5, 2013); credit: CfA Public Affairs. Left: Nobel laureates and former Harvard PhD students, Joe Taylor and Brian Schmidt, along with the 2013 graduate Nathan Sanders.

Credit: Popular Mechanics magazine, Russia (Left), Heather Walsh - Dox Productions, UK (Middle), Ruth Bazinet - CfA Public Affairs (Right).

Credit: Heather Walsh (Dox Productions, UK).

Click here for twelve high-resolution photos taken by the Smithsonian photographer Harold Dorwin (2006).

Click here for photos from the inaguration party of Harvard's Institute for Theory and Computation (October 15, 2005).

Induction to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (October 6, 2012). Photos with Ofrit (left) and Venky Narayamurti and David Spergel (right).

Click here for photos from my wedding with Ofrit, and photos with our daughters, Klil and Lotem.

Click here for recent photos of Klil and here for photos of her young sister Lotem

Left: At the conference "Growing Black Holes", 2004, with Martin Rees and Stuart Wyithe (with his back to the camera); Middle: at the first Sackler conference, 2000, with Jerry Ostriker (left), Martin Rees, Irwin Shapiro, and Raymond Sackler (right); Right: banquet dinner with Steven Weinberg (left) and Irwin Shapiro (middle).

At the Miller Symposium, June 2008, with Nima Arkani-Hamed (left).

Photos for the TIME Magazine cover story "Let There Be Light" (9/4/06), taken by Max Aguilera-Hellweg (permission required for public use).

With Harvard postdoctoral fellow, Volker Bromm, at the Great Refractor telescope (12/1/2001, Getty Images).

Left: Photo for the Harvard Gazette story "End of the Universe" (2/1/02), taken by Kris Snibbe (permission required for public use); Middle: Avi at a young age; Right: Photo from 1966 - Avi sits on the left next to his sister near his childhood home in Moshav Beit Hannan (from the Israeli National Photo Collection ). Click here for additional early photos of Avi.

ITC group photos from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Photos from the ITC Soccer cup 2010. The faculty/postdocs team won against the students.

Photos from the ITC Soccer cup 2011. The students won in penalty kicks after an extension and a 3:3 score.

Photos from the ITC Soccer cup 2012. The faculty/postdocs won 2:0.

Photos from the ITC Soccer cup 2013. The faculty/postdocs won 7:3.

Photos from the ITC Soccer cup 2014. The faculty/postdocs won 6:1.

Photos from the ITC Soccer cup 2015. The faculty/postdocs won 3:2.

Photos from the ITC Soccer cup 2016.

Photos from the ITC Soccer cup 2017. The faculty/postdoc team won 2:0 (August 6, 2017).

Photos from the ITC reception at Loeb's home on September 13, 2015.

Click here for photos of Avi's office (taken for the McCarter Theatre, Princeton).