Woolsey My name is Dr. Lauren Woolsey, and I recently completed my dissertation in the Astronomy Department at Harvard University. My work with Steven R. Cranmer focuses on the Sun's magnetic field and solar wind acceleration mechanisms. In the Fall, I will be joining the faculty in the Physical Sciences Department at Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan.

About Me

My first love is astrophysics, but I also have a fondness for German and minored in the subject as an undergraduate. I lived in the German cluster of UMD's language house for three years and I led the Dudley House Stammtisch for several years to retain my fluency.

I am an avid player of all board and card games. I own over 100 different tabletop games, and I have developed two educational games (so far!): the first is an astronomy-themed board game, called "Stars, Inc." and the second is a chemistry-themed card game called "Amino!" You can find out more at the website for the company I co-founded: CGS Unit LLC.